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Aug. 18th, 2009


Leisha & Australia

I just come to know that Leisha will be in Australia in the end of January 2010! I am far away from Sydney, but my close friend lives not that far, so she will have a chance to meet Leisha. Though she is no so very fond of her like me. But maybe she could pass Leisha a postcard or a message... I don't know, I'll have to think it over! :-) 

Jul. 31st, 2009


My voice

When I am under somebody's influence (which happens pretty often), I start speaking with his/her voice. Noticed it many times!


Watching "The L Word" I noticed that in the chart there is the name Leisha connected to her real-life partner Nina. :-)
Happy for them. :-) 

Jul. 29th, 2009


Leisha's music

The Murmurs sound more melodic than Uh Huh Her. UHH is harder, so it goes better in the car. I guess if I have time to listen more to TM, I would love them too. But I don't have time for that - I'm head over heels with UHH. :-)


 By the end of the week I always feel tired. This time "the end" happened already on Wednesday. And when I'm tired, I don't want any activity. No work, no leisure, no friends. I think it is wrong, so I called my friend O. and confirmed our meeting today. Now I am going to work on the questions for my students, and when they pass their exam I will have to teach them some more theory.

When I am tired, I don't like to  have arguments, I want everybody to agree with me.

Not a very interesting thought. And I didn't mean to write about my work here or somehow tell the world who am I, but... I guess it's OK, 'caouse every secret will be revealed in the end.

Jul. 28th, 2009


First thought

Sometimes I think I know people. I can see them through. I know how they behave just by their looks. And I turn to be right pretty often.

But then some of my good friends do some things that surprise me - and I understand that I do not know people. :-) How can I know strangers when I don't know my friends?

Such a paradox. And - just a result of my imagination, I think. :-)

What this is all about

To start from the beginning, I have been learning English for many years. First in school, since I was 6. Then in the institute (though I guess it was degradation rather than improvement). During my student years I learned English also with my uncle, who was working as an professional interpreter on international conferences. Now he retired and he is teaching, using his own methodology. He even tried to teach me how to do synchronous translation!

Then at work I have to deal with English-language materials all the time, and sometimes I watch English movies and read English books. And while watching and reading I often start having English thoughts. They crawl into my head and live there. :-) Sometimes I fall in love with characters of the book or a film, and then I talk to them, considering this to be not an insanity, but a practice.

So - why do I start this new journal, having one already? - it's simple: just to write down my English thoughts. I don't know if anybody would be interested in reading them, especially because I don't plan to write very intimate things... though everything may happen, who knows :-)

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